Data Mining

  • Consulting to the Subject Data Mining
  • Conception of your get in on Data Mining
  • Lectures to Data Mining
  • Integration of our Data Mining Tool in your Environment
  • Evaluation of your Data with our Tool Decision Master



  • Consulting to E-Commerce, Conception and Development of an E-Shop, Introduction of E-Shop Systems
  • On-line Targeting in an E-Shop and Webportal
  • Lectures to On-line Targeting and Logfile Analyse
  • Development of Customer-Specific Webportals
  • Website Hosting and Website Mastering
  • Introduction of our Logfile-Analysis System into your Environment
  • E-Mail Marketing, Newsletter Tool, E-Letterversand


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Advances in Data Mining
Springer Verlag
ISBN: 3-540-44116-6
Data Mining and Multimedia Data
Springer Verlag
ISBN: 3-540-00317-7
Logfile-Analysetool NetLog
Logfile-Analysetool NetLog